Tuesday, June 16, 2009


You will need:

Ice Cream (Butterscotch is nice)

Jello-O No Bake Oreo

1/3 Cup Butter

1 1/3 Cups Cold Milk

Waxed Paper


Line Pan with Waxed Paper.

Stir Crust Mix with 1/3 Cup Melted Butter with fork in 9 inch square pan until crumbs are well moistened. Press firmly onto bottom of pan.

Next, put a layer of ice cream in pan.


Beat 1 1/3 Cup Cold Milk and filling mix with electric mixer on high speed for 3 minutes until well blended. Do not underbeat. Reserve 1/3 Cup crushed cookies. Stir remaining cookies into filling. Spread filling mixture over crust.


Top with reserved cookies; or for crunchier cookies, top just before serving. Put in freezer at least 1 hour until set. To Serve, dip bottom of pan in hot water for 30 seconds before cutting. Cover and put leftover dessert in freezer.

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