Sunday, July 5, 2009


3 lbs beef (or goat)
3-4 tablespoons curry
2 onions
4 stalks thyme
2 stalks garlic
2 tablespoons of Hot Sauce
black pepper and salt

Wash and season with curry, thyme, garlic, black pepper, salt and onions
For best results, let the seared meat sit overnight in refrigerator
Pour a little oil in pot and heat
Place meat in pot and let brown a little
Add 1 cup water and seasoning
Cook until tender
Add Hot Sauce for flavour and simmer for a few minutes
Make a gravy - by adding a tablespoon or 2 of flour into a jar with about 1/2 cup of cold water and shake - add this to meat mixture to make a gravy

Make up 4 servings of white rice (you'll need more rice later so cook more if you like)

Make up 5 lb bag of potatoes of mashed potatoes

To serve, spread rice on large plate, then top with mashed potatoes - now add the curry sauce and more hot sauce if you like and enjoy...